Etsy App Getting Started

What is the PrintTech Etsy app?

The PrintTech Etsy integration allows you to create print-on-demand products using PrintTech's product creator, which includes a mockup generator, and then push a button to magically move these products to an existing Etsy store! Once an item has been pushed to your Etsy store, it will be listed as a Draft product. In Etsy, you will need to edit the product, finish setting the details, publish the product, agreeing to Etsy's listing fee.

What You Will Need

To use this integration, you must have the following in place:


1) An Etsy seller account (Learn more here => Learn How To Sell on Etsy)

2) An Etsy store already setup (Learn more here ==> Open an Etsy Shop)

3) At least one product created in your Etsy store (Etsy requires you to have one item created before you can move forward) (Learn more here ==> Listing Physical Products on Etsy)


1) A PrintTech Lockerstock account (Learn more here ==> Creating/Editing a PrintTech Lockerstock Account)

If you want to use PrintTech as a print on demand vendor to fulfill your orders, you will need to create a Lockerstock account.

Listing PrintTech Products on Etsy

After you have your Etsy store setup and a PrintTech Lockerstock account there are just a few easy steps to get a product listed on Etsy.

1) Create a product in PrintTech's product creator (Learn more here ==> Create a Product in PrintTech Lockerstock)

2) Push the product to Etsy (You will need to sign up for the monthly Etsy integration the first time you use this) (Learn more here ==> Push PrintTech Products to Etsy)

3) In Etsy, finish the product listing and publish the item (Learn more here ==> Finalize Etsy Listing)

Fulfilling Orders

Once the PrintTech Etsy integration is setup, all items in your Etsy store that have been added using this process will use the order auto-fulfillment feature of the app. This means that if a customer orders a PrintTech product, the order will automatically be sent to PrintTech for fulfillment.

You can log into Lockerstock at any time to check order status.