Create PrintTech Products in Lockerstock


Build Products and Mockups in Your PrintTech Lockerstock Account

1. Log into your PrintTech Lockerstock account

2. Select Your Products from the navigation pane

3. Click Create New Product button

4. Select a product that you would like to add a design to

NOTE: The following steps may vary depending on the product you select. In this example, we selected an Adult Crewneck Sweat Shirt.

5. Select Product Details (ie. colors.)

6. Click the Continue to Sizes and Pricing button

7. Choose sizes and adjust pricing.

8. Click the Continue To Product Details button

9. Edit the Product Title and product Description

10. Click the Save and Continue to Mockups button

11. Click the Add Image button to select your design

12. Select and upload your print quality image. We recommend 2800x3200 and 300 DPI.

13. Drag and drop your design to re-position it and use the handle on the image to resize it

14. Optionally, preview the image

15. Once the design is sized and positioned the way you want, click the Save and Finish button

If you selected multiple colors, the mockups will be generated.

A message will be displayed telling you the mockup was uploaded.

The lower part of the screen you will see the generated mockups

All Done!!

Repeat for the next product.

Optionally, Push your product to Shopify and/or Push your product to Etsy.