Shopify App - Getting Started

Getting started with the PrintTech Shopify app just takes 3 simple steps.

  1. Install the PrintTech Shopify app

  2. Create a PrintTech Lockerstock account 

  3. Configure the lockerstock API in the PrintTech Shopify app

It’s that easy!!

Detailed Instructions

The PrintTech Shopify app is not listed in the Shopify app store yet. These instructions can be used in the mean time to get started right away!

Step 1 Install the PrintTech Shopify App

1. Sign up for the PrintTech Shopify account using the sign up button

2. Install the app

3. On the "Approve fees" screen, click the Approve charge button to accept the monthly charge and to continue

Step 2: Create a Lockerstock Account

(You only need to do this once)

If you already have a Lockerstock account, skip down to Step 3

1. If you don't have a lockerstock account, from the PrintTech Shopify App Home page, click the Create Account button. If you already have an account, skip down to #3.

2. Fill out the lockerstock form and click the Create Account button

Your Lockerstock account will be automatically added to the PrintTech Shopify app settings, so that's it!

Step 3: Configure the Lockerstock API in the Printex Shopify app

(You only need to do this once)

This step is for PrintTech customers who already have a Lockerstock account and just need to add the Lockerstock API key to your PrintTech Shopify app settings.

If you  just completed step 2 and setup a new Lockerstock account through the PrintTech Shopify app, then you can skip this step since the API was already added to your Settings. You can click the Settings button to see that the API key is there.

1. In the PrintTech Shopify app click the Settings button

2. Log into your lockerstock account

 2. Navigate to the Account Management option.

 3. At the bottom of the page, find your API Token and copy the key.

(Highlight the key text with your mouse. Right-click or on Mac, Cmd-click and select Copy)

4. Back in the PrintTech Shopify app, Settings page, Paste (Ctrl+V or right-click, Paste) your PrintTech API Token from your lockerstock account and click the Save button

You will see a success message pop up at the bottom of the screen.

After the PrintTech Shopify app is configured, follow the Create PrintTech Products for Shopify instructions