Finalize Etsy Listings

After you have pushed a PrintTech product to Etsy, you will need to finalize the Etsy listing and publish it so it is available for customers to purchase.


1) Log into your Etsy Shop Manager

2) Click on Listings

3) View your Draft Listings

You should see the product that you just pushed from PrintTech.

4) Click your item to open it for editing.

5) Edit the details of your listing. Here are some suggestions. The options will change depending on the product type.

  • Recommended: Add additional mockups of the product. This can help with converting a view of the product to a sale.

  • Required: In the Listing details section, change "I did" (Who made it?" question to "Another company or person"

  • Recommended: Optimize your title to include keywords and verify the Category is set correctly

  • Recommended: Select something for as many of the listing details as you can. For a mug, you may set primary color to white and secondary color as a color in your design. 
  • View Occasion to see if it makes sense to select an option there.  
  • Review Renewal options to make sure it is set the way you want.
  • Description, optimize with keywords to make sure your listing can be found when searched.

  • Required: Select your production partner, ie. PrintTech

If you haven't setup PrintTech as a Production Partner, click the Add a new production partner button and Add PrintTech as a New Production Partner. View a sample form filled out here.


If you want customer orders to auto-fulfill, you must leave the SKU as PrintTech assigned it. The SKU is what tells PrintTech which item to fulfill and if you change it, it will no longer be synced with the product you created in the PrintTech Lockerstock.

If you want to modify the price that the customer will see, this is where you can edit it.

If you want to disable one of the variations, you can change the "Visible" toggle to off by clicking on the switch one time. To re-enable it, click on it again. 

The shipping is automatically set by PrintTech, so if you leave it as-is, the customer will be charged the same amount as it costs you for shipping. This allows you to focus on adjusting the product price to determine your profit.

6) When all of your updates have been made, click the Publish button.

7) Etsy will notify you that there is a $0.20 fee for publishing the listing. If you agree, click the Publish button again.

Etsy will display a success message after the publishing is complete.

Notice that the item is no longer showing in the Drafts status but has been added to the Active Listings.

To view your listing on Etsy, click the "View your listing" link.