Push PrintTech Products to Shopify

If you are a new PrintTech customer or an existing customer and you want to switch over to the easier, standard way of adding PrintTech products to Shopify store, then these instructions are for you!

If you are an existing PrintTech customer and you've already manually added PrintTech products to your Shopify, and you just want an easier method for sending orders to PrintTech than manually editing CSV files, then see the Using Shopify App - Retired Instructions.


Using the PrintTech product creator to create products for Shopify has two simple steps.

  1. Build products and mockups in your PrintTech Lockerstock account (Follow these instructions)

  2. Push products for sale from the PrintTech Lockerstock to your Shopify store

Steps to Push Products from Lockerstock to Shopify

1. Log into your PrintTech Lockerstock account

2. Select Your Products from the navigation pane

3. Click the Push To Shopify Store button next to a product


4.  Select a product that you would like to add to your Shopify store

5. Click the Push To Shopify Store button

A success message will be displayed after the product has been uploaded to Shopify.