Manually Link PrintTech Products to Shopify

These instructions are only needed if you are an existing PrintTech customer with PrintTech products that you manually added to your Shopify store, and you need to link the PrintTech products to the Shopify store. 

You only need to link products one time. After that, follow the instructions to Create PrintTech Products for Shopify.

NOTE: This method will allow you to retain order history for existing Shopify products. 

If you don't have order history, it is easier to delete the product from Shopify, then Create PrintTech Products for Shopify, pushing the items to Shopify. You will need to add new items to Shopify Collections and optionally tag products again. 


 There are four simple steps.

  1. Create matching product in your PrintTech Lockerstock account to those in your Shopify store

  2. From the PrintTech Lockerstock account, copy the SKUs of the product

  3. Find the matching products for sale in your Shopify store and paste the matching SKUs

  4.  Set Vendor name on products to “PrintTech”

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Build Products and Mockups in Your PrintTech Lockerstock Account

Link to instructions => Create PrintTech Products for Shopify

Step 2: Copy PrintTech product SKUS

1. Click the View SKUs button

2. From the SKUs window, make sure you know which product variation you are grabbing the SKU for, ie Black, Small. 

2. Highlight the SKU, right click and Copy (Ctrl+C or on a Mac Cmd+C)

Step 3: Find the matching products for sale in your Shopify store and paste the matching SKUs

(These are products you manually created in Shopify previously that use fulfillment by PrintTech.)

1. In your Shopify admin, select Products from the left navigation pane

2. Find the matching product from the Products view and select the item to edit it

3. Double-check that you are on the right product, the right size, the right color.

Paste the PrintTech SKU into the Shopify SKU field.

4. Repeat the process of copying the SKU from your PrintTech product to your Shopify product for each product variation.

Step 4: Set Vendor name on products to “PrintTech”

5. Set the Vendor to PrintTech (type it or select it in the "Vendor" field)

6. Click the Save button to save changes

Your product is now synced! 

This means that when a customer places an order in your Shopify store for this item, the order will automatically be sent to PrintTech for order fulfillment.

If you have a lot of products in Shopify, this process can be tedious, however you only need to do it one time. After that, no more CSV files or manual intervention on PrintTech orders!!